1. How do I place my long distance calls through Navatalk?

  2. You can save using Navatalk 5 different ways! When you sign up with Navatalk to use with your home, office or cell we will register your phone number in our system and if your are using our POGO App on a smartphone or PC you will be able to set up your own ID and PW.

  3. Do I need to notify my phone company/cancel my current plan to use Navatalk

  4. No. Because you use Navatalk via a local access or toll free number or from your smartphone and PC using our App. You do not need to notify your phone company of your choice to use Navatalk, nor do you have to cancel your current long distance carrier. Navatalk provides a separate service from your current phone plan.

  5. Do I need international access in order to use this service?

  6. No. You can use Navatalk from any phone that allows you to dial locally or a 1-800 number or using our POGO App from any smartphone or PC. Note – when using your Smartphone or PC always use Wi-Fi so no cell minute or roaming charges apply.

  7. Can I use Navatalk from an unregistered phone number?

  8. Yes. Simply dial the access number, enter your authorization code (PIN), and when prompted, dial your destination number.

  9. How do I use Navatalk's Service when I travel?

  10. The best way to use our service when travelling is by using your smartphone or PC ALWAYS use Wi-Fi service where available. To save the most money look for FREE Wi-Fi service before placing your call with Navatalk. This way you avoid expensive roaming charges that cellular providers will charge you if you use your Smartphone on the network (separate form your Navatalk bill). If you are traveling anywhere in Canada or the USA you may also dial the toll-free access number but surcharge will apply on your Navatalk bill and you may be subject to additional roaming fees form your cellular provider if you are not using a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

  11. How many phone numbers can I register with Navatalk?

  12. You can register as many phone numbers as you want, and you will receive one bill for all of them.

  13. What do I do if I misdialed?

  14. Simply Hang up and dial again.

  15. Are there any hidden charges, surcharges, connection fees or other additional fees?

  16. No. There are no hidden surcharges, no connection fees or any other additional charges. The only additional cost you will be subject to, is if you choose to use the Toll Free access number. With Navatalk, you only pay your usage cost plus applicable taxes.

  17. What if I use Navatalk on my cell phone while I am Roaming?

  18. IMPORTANT – if you are Roaming, insure you are connected using Wi-Fi ONLY.

    If you are Roaming and using Data, you may be subject to an additional Roaming cost from your cellular provider. These costs are often quite high and are billed directly from your cellular company, so Navatalk is unable to credit these surcharges if you use our service using Data while roaming instead of Wi-Fi.

  19. Do I need to enter an authorization code (PIN) when placing a call from my cell phone?

  20. Some cell phone numbers are not detected by the Navatalk system and may require that you enter a PIN in order to make your phone call. Most cell phones, however, allow you to complete your call without entering a PIN, as long as the number is registered on your account.

  21. How long after I sign up do I have to wait for the Navatalk service to be activated?

  22. The Navatalk service will normally be activated within 24 business hours of you signing up. If we have any challenges activating your account, our customer service representatives will contact you.

  23. Can my roommate and I use the same service?

  24. Yes. Unless you want to split the phone bill, in which case you will need to use separate PIN numbers to avoid any confusion with your phone bills.

  25. How often do I get billed?

  26. For Post-paid customers, you will receive a bill once a month. We bill you for your usage from the first of the month until the last day of the month. For Pre-paid customers you can check you balance on-line and add funds or choose the “auto-recharge” option to insure you always have Navatalk service when you need it.

  27. What is the due date for the bills?

  28. The due date for post-paid customers is on the 20th of the following month. Pre-paid customer are billed in advance.

  29. Are the rates for calling cell phones and land-lines the same?

  30. Not aways, however in some international countries, calling to celluar numbers have a higher rate than calling a land line.

  31. Do I receive only one bill for all of my registered phone numbers?

  32. Yes. With Navatalk, you will receive only one bill for all of your registered phone numbers.

  33. Can I pay my bills automatically?

  34. Yes. With Navatalk you can enable the Automatic Payment option. Between the 5th and the 20th of every month the credit card or bank account you have on file will be billed providing you agreed to use for automatic payment option.

  35. Can I call from abroad with Navatalk?

  36. Yes. Navatalk offers our POGO APP for use with your Smartphone form anywhere in the world.

  37. How will I receive my bill?

  38. Navatalk’s bills are available on-line 24/7. Just log on anytime to our web site and sign-in with your User ID and Password. Post-paid customers can choose to receive your bill by email. You can also have a paper bill mailed to you for a small fee of $1.99, we recommend you choose on-line billing as it is free, eco-friendly and you can view your bill details anytime.