About Navatalk

Navatalk was founded in 2011 and is a division of Encore Telecom Inc. Encore is a Global communication company that sells Wholesale and Retail Long Distance Services worldwide to every Country in the world. It’s customers include many of the worlds largest Telephone Companies as well as consumers everywhere. Encore’s corporate family includes a large Call Center based in Europe to insure the highest level of customer support to its customers. Encore employs nearly 100 staff in the Americas and Europe and its founder is an industry veteran with 30+ years experience.

Why Navatalk?

Navatalk services offer a wide range of technologically-advanced, easy to use solutions for residential and small business users. Our Navatalk Bundles offer some of the lowest priced, highest quality services available to consumers. Since Navatalk is a facilities-based carrier and a division of Encore Telecom, a large International Wholesale company (who trades 100’s of millions of minutes annually), it allows us to offer low rates and excellent connection quality. All Navatalk products can be enjoyed at only a fraction of the cost charged by traditional phone companies.

Customer Service

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority at Navatalk. We own our own Call Center in Europe that employs over 60 staff. Our goal is to combine a reliable, value-added service, while offering superior quality and excellent customer care that caters to our diverse group of ethnic consumers.

Use Navatalk Worldwide

If you travel with your Smartphone or PC, simply download our POGO App and enjoy the same excellent value and high quality Navatalk service you have at home or the office. Best of all, we combine all our services on the same bill so you can use your minutes from anywhere in the world!